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Ready to start the 2020 off with a new business. Loadtraining Freight Broker Training 1 On 1 class will be held from December 29 – January 1st 2020.

The program content is an accumulation of 40 years of brokering and trucking experience in the
field, and in the classroom. Changes in the transportation brokering industry have been
confusing and numerous. The latest law change is commonly referred to as MAP-21,
effective Oct. 1, 2013, which essentially eliminates the brokering conduct referred to as
“Truck Brokering” (one authorized carrier hiring another authorized carrier). The only
brokering now permitted by Law is “Licensed Property Brokering”, as defined, as of this
writing, as 49 CFR 371.2. This brokering definition is what this Manual all about.
This Manual is used in classes offered by America’s oldest transportation brokering
institution, LoadTraining, and follows a Flow Chart format to aid in the act of learning to
broker. Since 1987, LoadTraining has graduated thousands of students into the business
to business segment of brokering, commonly referred to as “3PL” logistics, with the title
and of Master Broker® Certification. No other institution offers to train new brokers
to avoid the startup trial and error pitfalls common in the industry. In 1983, The
Backhauler Directory was trademarked and published for the benefit of brokers and others selling
transportation. The dissemination of learning materials soon followed, culminating in The
New Transportation Brokerage Operations Manual© 2013. The Manual is complemented with the
PowerPoint© and Flowchart Mouse Pad© learning process available only in a HANDS ON
learning class, offered throughout the United States and Canada. In total, the reader of this
Manual, followed by a HANDS ON class, will have invested a total of  academic
and empirical brokering experience, and will graduate with a Master Broker® Certification.
This individual will have attained a skill level that exceeds industry standards and will have
no trouble qualifying with the FMCSA as a “trained” broker applicant, as defined by MAP-


You will be taught but not limited to these topics.



  3. SALES of Brokering and Trucking

  4. QUOTE & Freight Rate Development


  6. OPERATIONS & Truck Finding Process


  8. NEGOTIATIONS at all levels

  9. CLAIMS & Law of Bills of Lading


Visit our curriculum page to see the full list of our broker training class.

Call 1-800-776-7067


December 28 (Saturday) 7:00 am - January 1 (Wednesday) 4:00 pm


Corporate Offices

11116 W. California Ave. Youngtown, AZ 85363