What is Broker Agency with Loadtraining

Our freight brokerage is an international network of federally licensed transportation brokers. These brokers took our 5 day hand-on freight broker school.

As a former student, you have a business opportunity to become a freight broker agent. Instead of starting with your own license and bond immediately, which is required by the motor carrier safety administration. We save you that expense. As a freight broker agent of ours, you will have instant credibility with trucking companies. Access to resources and with working capital. We are LICENSED AND BONDED WITH THE FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION – MC #360363.

Agency – The most important thing a broker can do to attract agents is to offer training and not be a predator to the agent’s clients. Let’s tackle these issues separately to ease your learning process. Unfortunately, brokers hire employees who often quit and take half the broker’s clients with them. Agents then should be offered to find their own clients and work them. We don’t give you clients to work with. We have a brokerage that is non-predatory has no shipper clients, only Agents. If you are starting your trucking company and your concentration is spent developing the dumbbell, starting as an Agent makes sense. Brokering will be a side line to your trucking investment and concentration. You don’t need the expense of starting two business plans. Buying a license and a bond, you just concentrate on your trucking operation with its own MC number. You, of course, would bill all of your trucking customers with your own authority but for the extra loads you want to broker w/o liability, use our license. The best part about Agency is that you will have some help if you need in your brokering start up. Your broker will keep you from going into the deep end while you’re starting up. If you intend to be an Agent, you must attend a Hands On broker class program.
Benefits of becoming agent. Starting a freight broker business with Loadtraining

Truckalocity provides working capital, credit and credibility to its members. Allowing you access to the 8,000 authorized motor carriers who have been deemed credit-worthy in the industry. By joining our network you minimize finance risk. Eliminate time spent on credit and credibility checks. You become part of a reliable transportation network.

How to become a freight agent

Only students that take classes at Loadtraining freight broker training school are eligible to become agents of truckalocity. If you choose to become a freight agent, you will need to complete the agent application. Sign the agreement and pay a small agent fee. Then you will be provide you access to a Loadboard, Truck Database and the Broker Operations Software. Access for one year from your start date. All other tools offered at broker school are also available for purchase. Please see the order form insert for pricing.

For more information on becoming a Truckalocity freight agent call 800-776-7067. You will receive the benefits of working with the very best carriers in today’s marketplace!