Classes offered by America’s oldest transportation brokering institution, LoadTraining, follows a Flow Chart format to aid in the act of learning to broker. Since 1987, LoadTraining has graduated thousands of students into the business of brokering, commonly referred to as “3PL” logistics, with the title of Master Broker® Certification. No other institution offers to train new brokers to avoid the startup trial and error pitfalls common in the industry.

In 1983, The Backhauler Directory was published for the benefit of brokers and others selling transportation. The dissemination of learning materials soon followed, culminating in The New Transportation Brokerage Operations Manual© 2013. Our freight training school is complemented with PowerPoint and Flowchart Mouse Pad© this learning process is only available in our HANDS ON freight training learning class, offered throughout the United States. In total, the students of our school which take a HANDS ON class, will have invested a total of 84 hours of academic and brokering experience. She or He will graduate with a Master Broker® Certification. Students will have attained a skill level that exceeds industry standards and will have no trouble qualifying with the FMCSA as a “trained” broker applicant, as defined by MAP-21.

After your freight broker training class you have learned that willing buyers and sellers of transportation will readily purchase transportation through a Master Broker’s® services versus an untrained broker. The trained person’s arrangement of transportation will occur in a transparent “travel agent” format with the Licensed Property Broker’s maximum integrity, while minimizing his/her liability in the process. Master Broker® services guarantees that the buyer of transportation will work directly with the authorized motor carrier and not be in possession of buyer’s property, as that position is reserved by the constitution to the authorized motor carrier, alone.

  • What is a freight broker or a freight broker agent?

    Answer: A freight broker is the individual working on behalf of the shipper to get their freight from origin to destination. They are responsible for facilitating the movement of freight by finding the carrier and negotiating the freight rates

  • Why should I become a Freight Broker or Freight Agent?

    Answer: Becoming a freight broker or a freight agent allows you to enter the multi-billion dollar industry of transportation. Many people choose to become freight brokers because they own trucks and do not want to rely on or pay third parties to find them freight. Some enter the industry to work from home, increase pay and/or seek new opportunities.

  • Where can I take a freight broker training class?

    Answer: Classes are offered in Arizona, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, California and many other states across the United States. We even offer online freight broker training with a full curriculum.

  • How do I pick the right freight broker school?

    Answer: First and foremost do your research and due diligence. Not all freight schools are the same. Make sure the freight broker school you are attending actually brokers themselves. Watch out for schools that have “partners, or affiliates” that they work with. Simply find out if they also broker freight or do they just teach

  • Should I start off as a freight agent or start as a freight broker?

    Answer: Honestly, this question is based on how comfortable you are among other variable like getting your freight broker license and surety bond. Some students feel working as a freight agent allows them to get their feet wet and start focusing on developing shipper clients. Since we teach a full curriculum freight broker course, many students feel comfortable going out immediately and getting their own freight broker license. There are NOT separate classes for agents and brokers. Freight broker schooling should teach them both as one agenda. They are very similar in job duties and you should understand both when getting into the freight brokering business.

As the most recognized freight broker training in America, Loadtraining prides on teaching people how to find freight from shippers. Our freight broker classes are designed to put you right in the heart of freight brokering. It does not matter if you want to become a freight broker agent or a freight broker.
Loadtraining will show you how to succeed. Get more free information on becoming a freight agent or getting your freight broker license by filling out the FREE freight broker training video lesson & 6 FREE books form to the right. You will have instant access after you fill out the form. Freight Broker Training

Freight brokers help shippers that need to move freight from one location to another by finding a freight carrier that will ship the freight for slightly less than the shipper is willing to pay them. The term we call a FREIGHT BROKER!

Freight brokers, can also be described as load brokers, truck brokers, or transportation brokers, are all middle men that match available shippers and available trucks while earning upwards of  30% profit per shipment.

Freight broker training school will teach you how to start brokering freight with our brokerage agency during our 5 day and private 1-on-1 classes. Only students that take classes at Loadtraining school are eligible to become a freight broker agents of Truckalocity.

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Freight Broker Training – Home School Options.

Immerse yourself in the same exact curriculum as our LIVE hands-on school – without having to travel.

You will receive the same exact:
 Broker Training Manuals.
Full Length Training Videos.
Study Guides.
Testing and Certificate of Completion.
Consulting and more…

Great for those seeking to become freight brokers, or freight dispatchers that enjoy online or self-learning.

Freight Broker Training – LIVE Hands-On Training.

Come spend 5 days learning and working in a real freight brokerage. There is no better opportunity than putting yourself right in the middle of actual freight movements with agents and brokers all around you. Unlike other freight broker schools we own our brokerage and allow you to get a first hand experience in dealing with real shippers and real freight.

Deal with Real Shippers and Carriers.
More than just a lecture – NO FAKE BROKERING.

Great for those seeking to become freight brokers, freight agents or freight dispatchers.

Freight Broker Training – Private Hands-On Training.*

The Elite Freight Broker Training School in the United States. In this class there will be no other students on site the teacher is dedicated to you. The curriculum is the same as our standard hands-on class.

Private Training, no other students
Same great curriculum.
Extreme amount of Hands-On.
Personalized business plan.
Learn to build a trucking agency network.

*Bonus – Bring 2nd student free.

14sep(sep 14)8:00 am18(sep 18)4:00 pmChicago Il.

14sep(sep 14)8:00 am18(sep 18)4:00 pmPhoenix, AZ 1-ON-1SOLD

21sep(sep 21)8:00 am25(sep 25)4:00 pmPhoenix, AZ 1-ON-1SOLD

28sep(sep 28)8:00 am02oct(oct 2)4:00 pmPhoenix, AZ 1 ON 1

05oct(oct 5)7:00 am09(oct 9)4:00 pmPhoenix, AZ

12oct(oct 12)7:00 am16(oct 16)4:00 pmPhoenix AZ 1 ON 1SOLD

12oct(oct 12)7:00 am16(oct 16)4:00 pmPhiladelphia, PA

19oct(oct 19)7:00 am23(oct 23)4:00 pmPhoenix, AZ 1 ON 1

02nov(nov 2)7:00 am06(nov 6)4:00 pmPhoenix, AZHuge Sale

09nov(nov 9)7:00 am13(nov 13)4:00 pmHouston, TX

09nov(nov 9)7:00 am13(nov 13)4:00 pmPhoenix, AZ 1 ON 1

16nov(nov 16)7:00 am20(nov 20)4:00 pmPhoenix, AZ 1 ON 1

23nov(nov 23)7:00 am27(nov 27)4:00 amPhoenix, AZ 1 ON 1

30nov(nov 30)7:00 am04dec(dec 4)4:00 pmPhoenix, AZ 1 ON 1

07dec(dec 7)7:00 am11(dec 11)4:00 pmPhoenix, AZ

16dec(dec 16)7:00 am20(dec 20)4:00 pmAtlanta GA

28dec(dec 28)7:00 am01jan(jan 1)4:00 pmPhoenix, AZ 1 ON 1

Freight Broker Training


The curriculum in our PRIVATE & 5 Day Hands On classes offered by America’s oldest transportation brokering institution, LoadTraining. We make it simple by a flow chart format to aid in the act of learning to be a freight broker. Since 1987, LoadTraining has graduated thousands of students into the business of freight brokering. No other institution offers to train new brokers to avoid the startup trial and error pitfalls common in the industry. When you graduate from our HANDS ON freight broker school, you will know more brokering law & techniques than 95% of the existing industry. “Broker Training” is now required by LAW (49 USC 13904).

Freight Broker School


Join our highly trained brokering network ( as an AGENT and begin building your shipper following within days of graduation.

– Work From Home.
– No Experience Needed.
– Keep Your Clients.
– Direct Deposit Avail.
– Earn up to 80%.
– Or Start your own Brokerage / Agency.

Freight Broker Class


This 40 minute video not only features information on what our courses have to offer. The free freight broker training kit also features information on both sides of the industry, the Motor Carrier side and the Broker Agency side. We look forward to educating you on the multiple ways to make more money in the transportation industry. We are Americas Largest & Most Recognized Freight Broker Training School.