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After you graduate as a MASTER BROKER® from any of our 5 day hands on or home study programs
We have the tools to help you succeed in trucking or brokering.

    • get ON LINE consulting – we help you build-then execute a winning business plan
    • get a SALES WEBSITE and corporate image LOGO where shippers interact- POST A LOAD –you receive e mail, make money while you sleep
    • get an ONLINE database of shippers, who to call, what they spend for “Transportation”, and what kind of equipment is required and more…
    • get Agency, which will cut your start up costs in HALF, No Bond or License required
    • BUY ALL 4 ITEMS save 45% ask for “THE KIT” OR Buy individually as business plan needs
    • Example WEBSITE – we build in a week or so, ON YOUR DOMAIN NAME

ONLINE “GET A QUOTE” page – shipper completes, submits page and you receive this as an email
Also includes “POST A LOAD” for a Rate YOU Choose – shipper completes this choice (Dutch Auction incentive built in – NAME YOUR RATE -works like PriceLine.com ®) you receive as e mail.
Also includes “ORDER A TRUCK” where shipper can check availability ON LINE in seconds
Agency with Truckalocity.com MC 360363, IS AVAILABLE TO ANY GRADUATE – MASTER BROKER ® or JOURNEYMAN TRANSPORTATION CERTIFICATES. Join a NETWORK of highly trained skilled market players, and have your first load accepted by any motor carrier instantly, as an Agent. Truckalocity.com is managed by the EXPERT David G Dwinell. “ I have created the most successful start up process in the entire transportation marketplace” come- join me… do five loads a day and enjoy the benefits of more than $1 million year in revenue. TRUCKALOCITY.COM

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The truth is, without a professional, properly structured website, you’re going to have a hard time competing in today’s marketplace. Big business is done over the internet.
As a service industry, we have no storefront for a customer to visit or a product to hand them for examination. We rely on our voice over the phone to convince them that we are not only legitimate, but worthy to handle millions of dollars of their product. A website acts as a “virtual” storefront for us. Imagine calling a potential client and while on the phone, directing them to your website. Within seconds they’re visiting your professional looking website, with information about your company, perhaps some testimonials from your satisfied clients, and you show them your page where they can request a fast online quote. Now they know you’re serious, and have something tangible to show the boss.

  • Start doing business online – No experience necessary!
  • Inexpensive, pre-designed trucking or brokering websites for your business
  • Give your business a “virtual” storefront
  • “Home Page” with info about your business
  • “Post Your Load” page, where clients can request a certain rate
  • “Get A Quote” page, where shippers can request a quote from you
  • Included 1-year of hosting services & search engine submission.
  • 2 Hours of FREE consultation with Dave for 1 year! ($700 value)
  • 1 Year of free Maintenance! (any updates you need!)
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If you purchase a website the logo is Included!
A logo is your own personal company emblem that sets you apart from the rest. This is a memorable, tangible item that people use to remember your company. Without one, you’re just another business in the phone book. Can you survive without one? Sure. But do you know of any truly successful companies without a logo?
Make yourself stand-out

  • Create an image for your business
  • Increase company visibility and recognition
  • Includes 2 logo design options and one round of revisions
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A business card is probably the most basic and essential promotional tool your business will use. It’s the image and information about your company that you leave with a client. A client might keep it for years. So it better be your best impression.

  • Professionally designed
  • Beautiful, Full-color
  • High-quality, heavy 14-point stock
  • High-gloss UV coating
  • Includes shipping
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Ongoing Counseling to create your SHIPPER FOLLOWING

Ruth Angulo – Associate Professor ¡Hablamos Español!

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John Dwinell
Associate Professor

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Joy Dwinell
Associate Professor

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After you graduate as a MASTER BROKER, we have a consulting service available to help you achieve your own shipper following. Its called “the Academy”. Our staff will work with you and your business plan to assist in its implementation. You can buy the service in conjunction with your sales website and save 40%.

We have a great deal of transportation sales expertise. Mr. Dwinell developed the perfect website for selling transportation services on the internet; His site yielded $32 for every $1 invested. You can attend The HANDS ON session for sales website development on a Tuesday. You can purchase the template website and logo, all configured to your domain name. Couple your website purchase with an Academy consulting contract and save 40%.

You can also purchase other office and sales tools that are used for brokering, such as letter head, watermark-pdf, envelops, postcards, sample business letters. All will be presented during HANDS ON or the Weekend program in a city near you.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination