The Academy

The Academy – Ongoing Counseling to create your SHIPPER FOLLOWING

We have a great deal of transportation sales expertise. Mr. Dwinell developed the perfect website for selling transportation services on the internet; His site yielded $32 for every $1 invested. You can attend The HANDS ON session for sales website development on a Tuesday. You can purchase the template website and logo, all configured to your domain name. Couple your website purchase with an Academy consulting contract and save 40%.

After you graduate as a MASTER BROKER, we have a consulting service available to help you achieve your own shipper following. Its called “the Academy”. Our staff will work with you and your business plan to assist in its implementation. You can buy the service in conjunction with your sales website and save 40%.

You can also purchase other office and sales tools that are used for brokering, such as letter head, watermark-pdf, envelops, postcards, sample business letters. All will be presented during HANDS ON or the Weekend program in a city near you.