David-G-Dwinell David G Dwinell President / Professor of Transportation Brokering Creator of LoadTraining launched in 1987, now with Books, DVD’s, On Line and Hands On Classroom training available throughout North America… Creator of the first electronic bulletin board (LOAD BOARD) He created the MT Exchange in 1987, a Bulletin Board FAX service that brokers subscribed to get future truck capacity information; today he has created the LOADS BOARD successor;, an ON Line intranet solution that functions like an airline reservations system, coordinating future capacity privately to transportation purchasers. Creator of the Nation’s first Dutch auction website for the sale of transportation services. Mr. Dwinell will build you an interactive website that is sales proven successful for a broker to create an on line web sales presence. Creator of “The Academy” an online transportation brokerage consultancy. The Academy is designed for Licensed Brokers to seek advice and direction for new Transportation Contracts, logistics need and Voluntary Claims Resolution among other technical advice before, during, and after brokerage operations. Creator of transportation’s first “Managed Fund Surety Bond”. will soon provides funds management services to those who are unable to attain a $100,000 Property broker Surety bond for Licensing purposes. Only MASTER BROKER®S are accepted for this unique surety bonding process.


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John Dwinell Associate Professor Arizona Location Map-21 Expert
Joy Dwinell Associate Professor, COO
Joel Petersen VP of Productions
Associate Professor Ruth Ruth Angulo
Associate Professor
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LoadTraining Associate Professor since 2013

RUTH ANGULO – Background is primarily in the paralegal training field (private and nonprofit)

10 years with Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (10 years) Coordinator, Statewide CA: Trained private and non-private housing providers including public housing authority staff;; Marketing primarily via live talk radio shows; and Client contact.

She innovated a 40-hour annually training in producing materials utilized in trainings throughout California regarding pesticide awareness, and community outreach/


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