Hands On Training

Master Broker® Certification Programs
Total immersion learning classes.

5 Day Platinum Class – All Locations
Cost: $3,000. $1000 each additional student.
The “Platinum Program” is a 5 Day HANDS ON class (M-F) See class schedule for locations and dates.

The Platinum program is designed for those who want to start their own transportation business, get their own loads direct or even work from home. We will show you how to build a successful brokering business and how to expand your current trucking business.

Program Includes:

· Combination of class room learning and on the job training.

Broker Operations Manual (hands-on version)
Corporate Image Preparation
Load Master Ledger System
Sales Scripts and Tools
Area Code Map
Carrier Database – Access to over 6000 carriers, their equipment types and contact info.

7 Day Diamond Class – AZ ONLY
Cost: $4,000 $1,500 each additional student
The “Diamond Program” is a 7 Day HANDS ON class (M-F, M&T) Starts 1st Monday of every month in AZ.

An upgrade to our 7 day program offers all the program features and material as our 5 day course above, but gives those who seek additional hands on an opportunity of a life-time. Come spend these (2) extra days doing nothing but operating in our live brokerage. Deal with real shippers, real loads and start your building your brokerage or agency before you even leave.

Perfect for those who feel they learn better through hands on, those who may become agents or anyone seeking to just get a head start.

College of Brokering – AZ ONLY
The “1 on 1 with an Expert” is a 5 Day HANDS ON class starting the last Monday of the month (M-F)
Cost: $6,000. $3,000 each additional student (Please note that Financing is NOT Available)

This is the most advanced and elite course offered by LoadTraining. Come learn in a private environment without any other students. COB students receive everything our 5 and 7 day students receive and more. Since you are the only student in attendance we are able to have you work every single load. Plus, let us help you create a ready to go business plan for your personal objective while in class.

Only offered 11 times per year, so get your seat reserved now.

½ down to reserve your seat. In-house financing available.

Agency placement is available with Truckalocity.com “A network of brokering professionals.”

ALL ATTENDEES MUST READ TEXT BOOKS AND WATCH 6.5 HOURS OF DVD Video Training BEFORE attending any HANDS ON training. Expect 8 days of work in preparation time before attending