Graduation Brokering Tools

Ruth Angulo – Associate Professor ¡Hablamos Español!


John Dwinell
Associate Professor

Joy Dwinell
Associate Professor

“The Broker Academy”

After gradauation as a master broker(r), our expert consulting services are available  for ninety more days

Our experts;  Joy Geiss, Ruth Angulo, and John Dwinell, are available by phone consultation to assist you in building a viable business plan, and consult on a regular basis as you expereince your start up trials and tribulations.

Services include but are not limited to;

  • Joint sales contact with your selected shippers
  • Confirmation of leads, sales areas and sales process
  • Brokering load spot check
  • Contracting with shippers
  • FMCSA compliance issues
  • Any issue that is slowing your business start up