The NEW Guide to Understanding Trucking and Brokering!

This “NEW Guide” is designed to assist shippers and newcomers to trucking and brokering, to understand the position, role and operation of the Licensed Property Broker, in the 21st Century and beyond. The author knows from experience that the largest impediment to transportation efficiencies and profits is the lack of market understanding in an industry turned upside-down by de-regulation. Click to Download all 6 Books

Guide to a Brokering Future

I am often asked what it takes to make a good broker. I have trained thousands of them since 1985. I think that any entrepreneur (read risk taker- are there any better than those in transportation?) with telephone skills, is a candidate. I have trained them all; individuals, drivers, truck owners (O/Os), trucking company owners, traffic managers, purchasing managers, insurance agents, brokers of all kinds (mortgage, auto, building materials, produce, customs, NVOCCs, oil & gas,) and a car wash owner with time on his hands. People who take my course have a 60% success ratio after 2 years. Of those who don’t learn from our school, only 1 in 19 (a government number), survives. Those with surface transportation experience have the best chances for success. Click to Download all 6 Books

Guide to Higher Paying Freight

Today, the current state of affairs in the Industry can be classified as a “SELLERS” Market. There has never been a better time to get into trucking. There are far more Loads in most Major Cities than there are TrucksTo Haul Them. Owner Operators are getting their Authority and changing to small Trucking Companies, rather that work for the Truck for a Buck people. Click to Download all 6 Books

Guide to a Broker/Agency Home-Based Business

Today’s marketplace; Brokers who want “Agents” are seeking the fastest way to grow a brokerage company. Broker/Agency is practiced by at least 90 brokering houses that advertise for “Agents”; up 40% since 2002, according the ATA weekly magazine. It is the “fastest growing transportation segment” according to several unnamed sources, and I would agree. Click to Download all 6 Books

Brokers Who Don’t Pay

Brokers Who Don’t Pay! We suggest the following letters: First Letter; from you – the carrier, to the non-paying broker Click to Download all 6 Books

Prospective Owner Operators

Prospective Owner Operators Listen Up: Don’t Buy A Truck Until You Take This Course! Today, I am so amazed that Truck Brokers who hire Owner/Operators have not been arrested. It has to be a crime to offer o/o prospects the same rate per mile I received as an Owner Operator in 1980. Click to Download all 6 Books

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