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Curriculum of our Hands on Classes

What you will learn in our 5 Day, 7 Day & D.O.B. Classes.

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  • Positioning as a broker
  • The quotation process
  • The concept of notification time
  • Obtaining exclusivity from the shipper
  • Integrity remaining apart from the value and consideration
  • Interrogatory questioning to streamline operational activity
  • Turning your quote into an order
  • Truck finding process
  • Arbitration between shipper and carrier
  • The booking process
  • Negotiating for the “convenience of”
  • Period between booking and consignment
  • Your renegotiation position
  • Bill of Lading as a contract between the consignor and the carrier vs. you negotiated rates contract
  • Enforcement of Negotiations
  • Brokerage Operation
  • Soliciting carriers
  • Soliciting shippers
  • Strategy for the use of Loadboard
  • Posts loads
  • Creates a truck availability database
  • Quotes rates to actual shippers
  • Takes Phone Calls
  • Responds to inquiries from shippers and carriers
  • Loadmaster Ledger
  • Your own website as a marketing tool
  • Critical path method of planning
  • Wrap up and review
  • Test for Certification
  • Re-consignment negotiations- Claim Negotiation
  • Profitability for a roadmap to your paper
  • Load Master Ledger(s)
  • Final Exam – Oral and Open Book
  • Attendees work with Master Broker to do rate development and begin operational control of the brokerage
  • Attendee begins operations hands on control with mentoring from the Master Broker
  • Attendee refines negotiating skills
  • Collection calls
  • Work with Master Broker to do rate development and begin operational control of the brokerage
  • Finds trucks and books loads
  • Work with Master Broker to do rate development and begin operational control of the brokerage
  • Takes orders
  • Finds trucks and books loads
  • History of modern trucking
  • The Laws and the Broker License
  • The application, Surety bond, and process agents
  • State and Federal compliance issues
  • Definitions
  • The Broker Issue/Double Brokering
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing a database
  • Creating and using your own database
  • What is it you sell and to whom?
  • How to sell
  • Recommended communication strategies
  • Recommended Sales strategies
  • The Corporate image you generate
  • A winning sales letter
  • Getting shippers from the internet
  • Getting carriers from a website
  • Building an internet database
  • E-Commerce strategy
  • On-line activity
  • Defining the relationship in providing a personal service to shippers
  • Target marketing by definition
  • The most successful sales process –to sell trucking services-to sell brokering
  • The paradigm of spot market transportation
  • The paradigm for the shipper
  • The paradigm for the carrier. The Back hauler directory cross reference wall map
  • Your office, your business plan
  • Freight rate development theory
  • Negotiated Rates Act of 1993 and 1995
  • Credentials swap before contracting
  • Tariffs
  • Supply and Demand
  • Creating a rate
  • Prohibitions of a broker quoting a rate
  • Brokers and market estimate
  • Rate continuance from shippers
  • Brokers liability for rates
  • Backhauler rate and definition
  • Lane appraisal
  • The Rate Matrix
  • Rate surveys between shippers and carriers
  • Supply and demand indicators
  • Back solicitation
  • Comparable rates vs. survey rates
  • Starting your brokerage with a thorough understanding of the market
  • Wrap up and review

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