Awards, Recommendations, Certifications

The following is a partial list of David Dwinell’s Awards, Recommendations, Certifications, and Memberships:

  • Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association corporate supporter member, 2009-2010
  • ASU Technopolis Launch Prep Entrepreneurship Course completion, 2009
  • American College of Forensic Examiners Institute life member, since 2007
  • Forensic Expert Witness Association membership, 2005
  • Consumer Attorneys of California member, 2007
  • International Speakers Network member
  • Backhauler Directory, 1999
  • Transportation Brokers Conference of America member, 1989
  • Trans Education Expo honors, 1988
  • Outstanding Contributions to the College of Transportation and Distribution Alumni Association, 1987
  • Council of Logistics Management member, 1987
  • Delta Nu Alpha Transportation Fraternity membership, 1986
  • Taking Advantage of Broker, Leasing and Intermodal Operations participant, 1984
  • Reducing Freight Costs workshop/seminar completion, 1983
  • Critical Path Method Workshop Engineering Workshop participant, 1973
  • Land Planning For Man Architectural Program participant, 1972
  • Bachelor of Science Wisconsin State University, 1967
David is a recognized forensic expert in transportation, recognized and accepted for testimony by the United States Justice Department. He is listed by the American Trucking Association (ATA) as a source of “HOW TO” information. His opinions on the politics and economics of transportation are sought by capital fund managers through numerous national think tanks, as well as magazines and the American Transportation Association (ATA).