America's original FREIGHT BROKER TRAINING SCHOOL, created and operated by a FREIGHT BROKERING Forensic expert.

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1 on 1 in a working brokerage. Classes held in Phoenix, AZ

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Loadtraining’s Three Master Teachers – John, Ruth & David

Loadtraining's Three Master Teachers

Agency placement opportunity for those who graduate.


Join our highly trained brokering network ( as an AGENT and begin building your shipper following within days of graduation Truckalocity is a Broker, not a predator, to your new shipper clients.

Premier DOT compliant Freight Broker Training School

(49 USC 13904)

We are the original “broker training” institution of America. We operate a Licensed and Bonded brokerage during class; visit Our books and class work are based on REAL experiences; as a motor carrier and a licensed broker, since 1981. Book DVDs and classroom experience were designed by David G Dwinell, a forensic expert in brokering

¡Hablamos Español!


(800) 231-5928

¡Hablamos Español!


(800) 231-5928

Own Trucks? – Earn up to .50 cents more a mile by finding your own freight and getting rid of the broker.

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Why shippers prefer to work with Master Brokers and Truckalocity

  • Who do they trust with their freight? A broker with a proven track record
  • Brokers with a “ Master” degree are preferred over those without a degree.
  • Truckalocity, LLC’s credit with shippers and carriers is excellent.
  • Thousands of carriers have credit qualified Truckalocity for hauling.

  • Why LoadTraining is preferred over other broker learning choices

    • “Broker Training” is now required by LAW (49 USC 13904).
    • A “Certification" from LoadTraining provides the “Start Date” called for in the new LAW - Home Study or HANDS ON Training
    • LoadTraining, with a “proctored brokering exam”, is the only broker training institution which meets Federal Standards.
    • When you graduate from a HANDS ON class, you will know more brokering law & techniques than 95% of the existing industry.


To divulge their take from your load!
49 CFR 371.3©
A motor carrier may not arrange transportation.. unless motor carrier has obtained a separate registration as a … broker of freight under 139034 Look it up.
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