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America's Freight Broker Training School

Learn at our real ‘hands-on’ brokerage in small classes using the same tools I use to do $1,000,000 dollars worth of business! We’ll provide you with step-by-step guidance, giving you the tools, resources, and reference guides to help you successfully gain your federal authority and Master Broker’s Certificate; we even offer ongoing coaching and support!

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Student Testimonials


I would like to take the time out to give thanks for the LOAD TRAINING school for having the time and patients for teaching me freight brokering. I know some people will say what is the big deal they are doing what they paid to do. I came with a little extra. I am totally blind and they took the time to teach me one on one. They took the time to show me excellent hospitality, they met all of my needs, they made sure that I arrived to school and took me back to my Hotel every day I was down there, they adapted to my needs of training by letting me use my own computer which has the JAWS program, they even took thetime to download certain programs on flash drives since I could not physically read the books.

This school made me feels at home the wholetime I was there. I learned a lot from this school. I can honestly say that I arrived there as a student and I left there a business man. I like to take the time to personally thank DAVID, BETTY, JOHN, JOY, MICHELLE, JOEL, and I will like to thank DARBY wherever he may be. This is an excellent school and if I have any questions they are always there to help me. I love that TRUCKALOCITY FAMILY and I am honored to be part of it.


David I am very glad I have chosen your Loadtraining School to get my broker knowledge. I know for sure, I spent my money and time in the right direction. Your hands-on training was very helpful and powerful. Thanks to ALL of you!!!

-Y. Ryazanov

Mr. David! Thank you so much for the knowledges and experience u shared with us. Class was well organized,deeply informative and of course FUN!

Sincerely, Liliya Sokhan

I went to another property broker training course before attending LoadTraining LLC in Youngtown, AZ. I will describe the first school and then contrast it with David Dwinell’s Broker Office Training. Both courses were similar in the end price. On arrival at the other broker school we were provided a book with an outline of the course to be covered. For 2.5 days we were lectured on the highlights of brokering and one half day of promoting some of the industries computer programs and various types of businesses that could be of use to us. We spent the fourth day practicing some of the computer programs and reviewing for the final test. On the fifth day we spent three hours on the final and then were dismissed. During the five days we were taught several things that if done, would be considered as being in control of the carrier/truck. These acts would subject the broker/agent to liability where none should have been, which is clearly against FMCSA regulations. When you register to attend LoadTraining LLC, David sends you two text books (about 20+ hours of reading) to study before arriving at the class. This enables you to be ready to expand on the vast amount of knowledge David shares with the class. In this training, many more subjects are covered in detail such as: Marketing, record keeping, business planning, development of a rate matrix, negotiations, daily operations and how to run your business correctly without creating liability for yourself where none should have existed.

If you want to be a successful property broker or agent, then I recommend David Dwinell’s Broker Office Training in Youngtown, AZ.

Sincerely, John B. Rapczak

Agency Placement – Guaranteed


Truckalocity is a network of agents. They are travel agents of freight! Trained to the highest level of expertise in transportation – MASTER BROKER. Trained to find the right truck amongst the 4 million daily choices. Trained to protect the shipper from LIABILITY. Trained to “Track” truck to pickup, and “Trace” to delivery.

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