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America's original FREIGHT BROKER TRAINING SCHOOL, created and operated by a FREIGHT BROKERING Forensic expert.

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1 on 1 in a working brokerage. Classes held in Phoenix, AZ

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Loadtraining’s Three Master Teachers – John, Ruth & David

Loadtraining's Three Master Teachers

Agency placement opportunity for those who graduate.


Join our highly trained brokering network (Truckalocity.com) as an AGENT and begin building your shipper following within days of graduation Truckalocity is a Broker, not a predator, to your new shipper clients.

Premier DOT compliant Freight Broker Training School

(49 USC 13904)

We are the original “broker training” institution of America. We operate a Licensed and Bonded brokerage during class; visit Truckalocity.com Our books and class work are based on REAL experiences; as a motor carrier and a licensed broker, since 1981. Book DVDs and classroom experience were designed by David G Dwinell, a forensic expert in brokering

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Are you computer savvy? Like to read books from your computer, iPAD or phone this new product might be for you!

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¡Hablamos Español!


(800) 231-5928

¡Hablamos Español!


(800) 231-5928

Own Trucks? – Earn up to .50 cents more a mile by finding your own freight and getting rid of the broker.

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Why shippers prefer to work with Master Brokers and Truckalocity

  • Who do they trust with their freight? A broker with a proven track record
  • Brokers with a “ Master” degree are preferred over those without a degree.
  • Truckalocity, LLC’s credit with shippers and carriers is excellent.
  • Thousands of carriers have credit qualified Truckalocity for hauling.

  • Why LoadTraining is preferred over other broker learning choices

    • “Broker Training” is now required by LAW (49 USC 13904).
    • A “Certification" from LoadTraining provides the “Start Date” called for in the new LAW - Home Study or HANDS ON Training
    • LoadTraining, with a “proctored brokering exam”, is the only broker training institution which meets Federal Standards.
    • When you graduate from a HANDS ON class, you will know more brokering law & techniques than 95% of the existing industry.


To divulge their take from your load!
49 CFR 371.3©
A motor carrier may not arrange transportation.. unless motor carrier has obtained a separate registration as a … broker of freight under 139034 Look it up.
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